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Festive Fridays - Fun + Festive

So our first Festive Friday is here!

Today we are going to share a really fun D.I.Y. gift for you to make and give to someone in your life this Christmas. It's simple, quick and lots of fun! We are going to make an unbaked cake, you might ask what is this? It is a cake in a jar with a few added extras needed to finish the cake at home. This can all be made for under £5 and is a great treat for all the family. Check below for everything you need.

What You Need...

1 Glass Jar

4 oz of Flour

4 oz of Sugar

2 oz of Chocolate Powder

For Decoration...

Festive string/ Ribbon

Small bells

Piece of Card

What To Do...

1. Firstly take your glass jar (ours is from Ikea),make sure you wash it in warm water and make sure it is dry fully.

2. Measure out all of the above ingredients flour, sugar and coco powder.

3. Start to layer the ingredients you have measured above into your jar. Everything should fit in with a little gap at the top.

4. When the jar is full put on the lid and add your gift tag.

5. Cut out a small square or rectangle from a piece of card and this is where you will write the instructions for your recipient (see below)

'Put all the ingredients in this jar into a bowl, add 2 large eggs and 4 oz of butter. Mix the ingredients until it is smooth. Cook in your oven for 20/25 minutes until golden brown on the top and top is springy. Cut and Enjoy!'

The above recipe can be altered for different flavourings, or you could add dried fruit or spices to mix it up. Why not experiment? Tell me the flavours you like the best.

We decided it would be great to wrap this treat up in a festive gift bag and add some other yummy treats as you can see below!

Stay tuned for more Festive Fridays!

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