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I've Got Rhythm

With the troubles in the world around us, we must find a way out, find a safe place. The place chosen for many is within their own dance space. This might be in a studio, their bedroom or living room. People always tell me they can't dance, they have two left feet but I believe we were all born with some kind of rhythm. Everyones rhythm is different just like our fingerprints. Its what makes us unique! Dance has been my passion for a long time now but nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone find their own rhythm and earn to love it and feel safe in it. We are so spoiled with music today that we can choose which rhythm we dance to. Dance is for everyone, it's accessible and ingrained in my culture (Scottish). With dance being such a huge part of our school curriculum growing up, why is it still so stereotyped? Why is dance thought of as inferior, for girls and not boys and seen to pink and fluffy. Are we as a community causing this to be the case. Scottish Country Dancing isn't anything of the above so why is it seen as all those above by most people. Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Street etc. can they not be for everyone no matter your background, ability, financial background or gender? We don't have to change the world in a day but I would love if we can start to change people's attitude to dance by making it more possible for everyone to feel welcomed and accepted within my beautiful art form!


#Dance #Change